Breathe worry-free with Virus & Bacteria Sanitizer. Our complete decontamination process eliminates any bacteria, odor, or virus, including COVID-19!

We are approved by the FDA and EPA
and we sanitize all viruses and bacteria
with a rate of 99.99999



Please Note: Our Applicators wear protective gear to protect themselves from viruses, germs or bacteria while eradicating any contaminated area while fogging your home or business on the property. It is safe for Children and Pets, and you may return to your property safely in Two Hours without any concern.


Our High-Tech, Superior, Fogging Solution will SANITIZE and eliminate ANY VIRUSES, bacteria, cigarette smoke, mildew, and unpleasant odors!

"I was getting headaches, nauseous, and fatigued, had no idea what was wrong. I went to several doctors, and finally, a specialist suggested it may be my home environment. I researched and found a way to eliminate the bacteria in my home. I began to feel like myself again and recognized there are many homes that have bacteria that can cause the same problem for others. I found the right product, applied it, and realized there is a need for it."

- Owner, Tom Ferrante

We also eliminate Smoke and VOCs.

If you want your home, office, place of work, or car to be bacteria and odor-free - call us today!


Ductwork Sanitation allows for continuous clean airflow throughout the area while creating a protective barrier inside the building.

Opening the main intake area where your filter is, while the blowers are on, we will administer a fine mist of our sanitizing solution into your Ductwork. By doing this, the entire system is sanitized of all viruses, bacteria, germs, and odors. Then we shoot our solution via fogging into the rest of the vent system in your home.


Our products partnered with It's Kleen cleaning solution will help keep you and your home healthy.


We now offer three different services for this type of sanitation.


  •  Basic Sanitation and Cleaning with our partner product; It's Kleen- Which is a cleaning solution that will help you maintain your home after we administer our sanitation fogging services.

  •  Cleaning and Deep Sanitation with our guaranteed 30 days extended barrier protection product  (We have found the 30-day product to last 3-5 weeks in high traffic environments such as restaurants).

  • Cleaning and Deep Sanitation with our guaranteed 90 days extended barrier protection product.

​(All of our sanitation services should be adequately maintained after sanitation with our partner product It's Kleen.)

We offer you a choice of products that will give you 14 days, 30 days, and 90 days of Extended Barrier protection.  We will also give you a cleaning solution to clean HOT SPOT’S daily and to remove grease and dirt that is covering your extended barrier.

Most of us aren't even aware of how many "HOT SPOTS" we come into contact with every single day!

Kitchen areas even in offices or businesses, bathroom toilet seats and handles, all sinks, refrigerator handles, doorknobs, countertops, doorbells, telephones, desk areas, office chairs, keyboards, computer monitors, reception areas, restaurant bars, tabletops... AND SO MANY MORE! 



Eliminates All Viruses,  Odors & Bacteria Caused by the Following:

Cigarettes & Smoke odors

Breathe worry-free!

  •  I highly recommend Tom Ferrante and his products. Tom is a very professional and honest man. He will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. I cannot say enough great things about him. If you like me to rave about all the fantastic stuff he does over the phone, please feel free to give me a call!

    Westbrook, ME
     Northeast Laboratory Services President/CEO
    Beau Mears
  • I had an odor in my townhouse when I returned to Florida. I found out about Odor Bacteria Killer from a
    friend and called. They were able to come that afternoon. They showed up and sanitized my entire
    home. After they left and I returned to my home the musty smell was gone. I did not know where it was
    but two weeks later, I’m giving them a positive review!

    North Palm Beach, FL
    Bill D
  • I spend 6 months a year in Florida, and every year I come back there is a stench to my unit. I hired Odor
    Killer to sanitize my unit before I got there. I was impressed, the usual stench form being idle was gone. I
    will use their service every year before I return to Florida!

    Jupiter, FL
  • My home had an odor that I could not locate. I had Odor Bacteria Killer service my home with their
    fogging system. They did the entire house and the AC and duct system upon my return to my home my
    wife and I immediately could tell the odor was gone. I would highly recommend their service. I was very
    comfortable with them in my home. To us it was well worth the money we spent I would recommend
    their service

    West Palm Beach, FL

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