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Virus & Bacteria Sanitizer’s biodegradable solution does not harm children, pets, clothes, carpets, or leather furniture!

Our High Technology, Superior Fogging Solution will sanitize and eliminate COVID-19, viruses, bacteria, cigarette smoke, mildew, and unpleasant odors!

Our GREEN decontamination formula is registered with the EPA (is safe around children and pets).  Released by a cold fogging system that allows it to access and sanitize even hard-to-reach areas, it won’t harm any surface, and it’s even safe around sensitive electronics. Our powerful formula is a military-grade product. You may confidently return to your home or place of business two (2) hours after the fogging application is complete.

We are a member of a Coalition who can bring in a team of 50-100 trained people to sanitize large facilities like hotels, large office buildings with many offices and floors, any size school or university, shopping centers, convention halls, cruise ships and more! 


We do it thoroughly and as quickly as it can be done. We have sanitized facilities in many states around the country, we can go anywhere in the US and many foreign countries.

Our Cold Fogging process sanitizes at the atomized level. This allows micron-sized particles to destroy even the smallest of spores. The fogging solution, making it the most effective means for eliminating odors!

Our Product has been used by the Military for over 10 years and the Military recently issued for use in the Private Sector for distributors who are properly trained in the application of it. It was used in the Middle East to sanitize our soldiers from bacteria warfare, as well as used in Military operating rooms in the Middle East to sanitize and eliminate germs brought into the Military surgery centers to operate on our troops and protect them from further harm caused by bacteria.

Our treatments and solutions are the best in the industry. Most general household cleaning products don’t even come close to the results we provide, which is why we offer a 100% Customer-Satisfaction Guarantee.

Find Peace of Mind with our Professional Odor & Bacteria Removal.
We Sanitize at the Source!

99.99999% for over 300 bacteria and viruses. Our Product was used in the Middle East to sanitize our soldiers from bacteria warfare and also was used in the operating rooms in the Middle East to sanitize and eliminate germs brought into a temporary Military surgery center to operate on our troops.

The protective coating from our hospital-grade disinfectant is for disinfection and sanitation, protects all areas that are fogged.

OBK applies a Patented Solution that attacks and eliminates odors by removing the Bio-Film’s (Bacteria particles) that create the odors. Our fogging solution will also eliminate the chemicals from *VOCs.  Our solution is the most powerful cleaning and disinfecting solution available to the public. The solution we apply is EPA Registered, safe, effective, easy to apply and 100% Biodegradable.

*VOCs are harmful “Volatile Organic Compounds”. Examples of VOCs are smells from a new car, leather couch, household cleaning agents, air fresheners, fire damage, and paint.

Petri Dish


Sanitation of your home or business's Duct Work with our biodegradable solution is a great first step in fighting Covid-19 and other Viruses and Bacteria from circulating.

Air Filter
Air Pressure

Did you know that your AC Ducts collect and recycle bacteria, germs, and odors just like a vacuum cleaner that was never cleaned? Think about how amazing sanitized air would be running through your AC system! We will sanitize your AC Ducts as part of our service at no extra charge!

We now offer Three Levels of Extended Barrier sanitation!

2 Weeks - 30 Days - 90 Days

To provide accurate sanitation services we conduct before and after tests to show results with an ATP Meter. Our Electrostatic-sprayer will cover the hardest to reach areas and ensures the solutions adheres to areas sprayed, creating a Biofilm that gives lasting protection. Approved by the EPA, our product is biodegradable and Green Electrostatic Spraying improves the application of our Extended Barrier and guarantees lasting protection.


Why is this important? Many products will sanitize, but they will not offer protection to your premises after the solution dries. Our products will give you lasting protection that other household-name competitors cannot promise. We also offer our partner product- "It's Kleen" for all your touchpoint cleaning needs.


Common TouchPoints to maintain:


  • Doorknobs

  • Table Surfaces

  • Hard dining room chairs ( Seat, back, and arms )

  • Kitchen Counters

  • Bathroom Counters

  • Faucets and Faucet knobs

  • Light Switches

  • TV remotes

  • All Phones

  • Game Controllers

  • Computer Keyboard, mouse


Protect your family, friends, & customers

with Virus & Bacteria Killer and "It's Kleen" today!

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