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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

"Restaurants, which thrive on being busy spaces suitable for social gatherings of all sizes, have been hit especially hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Now, three months after many eateries were forced to temporarily close or transition to takeout-only service, new data is revealing the devastating and permanent effect on many in the industry nationwide.

Yelp recently released a report detailing how many U.S. restaurants listed on the site have permanently shut down since March 1. According to the review platform's Local Economic Impact Report, 23,981 eating establishments listed on Yelp experienced some type of closure since March 1 and of those, 53% have since shut down for good."

Proper sanitation is essential to stop the spread of the Corona Virus and in keeping our businesses open. Regular household products won't make the cut in corporate settings and only meet minimum sanitation standards, which will dissolve in hours, if not minutes. These household products stop doing the work after they've been applied and dried, whereas our extended barrier products will protect you for no less than 30 days. Our products not only disinfect and sanitize on contact, but they also create a biofilm that stays active and continues to keep you safe as your life goes on around it.

To give an example, After cleaning your home with an ordinary household store-bought disinfectant, you invite friends over the next day. One of these friends is not displaying any symptoms but is unknowingly a carrier of Corona Virus. This friend sits on your couches, plays with your dogs, eats at your table, uses the faucets to wash their hands, and is in general, all over your home. All the work you did yesterday, making sure your home was clean, has just flown out the window without looking back. Your friend just contaminated your whole house without even knowing, and you might not experience any symptoms for up to 2 weeks. See where we're going here? Our extended barrier products help keep you safe and give you a chance to rest from the extra cleaning you've been doing without concern.

(Heavily trafficked touchpoints such as doorknobs and counters should continue to be maintained frequently.)

Now, where this comes into play, and what we're really here to talk about is Restaurants and Businesses. Many Florida businesses are fighting their Insurance Companies over Corona Virus losses. One of the critical factors is that they aren't compensated for losses endured during the quarantine months. These can range from loss of staff to sanitizing their business after being shut down by government restrictions. It has been found that Insurance Companies have increased the cost of insurance by as much as 40% if you are not taking protective measures for your employees or customers against viruses and bacteria, particularly COVID-19.

Our Products can offer a bit of relief, knowing your business has been sanitized and will continue to be sanitized for days and weeks to come. One way we do this is by going directly into the Ductwork.

Sanitation in the Ductwork allows for continuous clean airflow throughout the area while creating a protective barrier inside the building. Opening the main intake area where your filter is, while the blowers are on, we will administer a fine mist of our sanitizing solution into your Ductwork. By doing this, the entire system is sanitized of all viruses, bacteria, germs, and odors. Then we shoot our solution via fogging into the rest of the vent system in your home. Our products partnered with It's Kleen cleaning solution will help keep you and your home healthy.

We offer three different services for this type of sanitation. The first being Basic Sanitation and Cleaning with our partner product; It's Kleen- Which is a cleaning solution that will help you maintain your home after we administer our sanitation fogging services. The second is a Cleaning and Deep Sanitation with our guaranteed 30 days extended barrier protection product (We have found the 30-day product to last 3-5 weeks in high traffic environments such as restaurants). The third is a Cleaning and Deep Sanitation with our guaranteed 90 days extended barrier protection product, both of which need to be adequately maintained after sanitation with our partner product It's Kleen. For more information regarding these specific services, please head to our contact page and we will be glad to answer any questions.

It's important to note, over 95% of the household products will not last after being sprayed and drying on an area. Their properties do not have any Extended Barrier characteristics. If someone walked in a few hours later with a virus or bacteria, it will remain on the area they touched, or possibly sneezed on and also be contaminated. They sanitize once, and after drying are susceptible to recontamination immediately.

Our products and our services set us aside from the rest by ensuring a safe and stable environment for up to 30 days after sanitation and regular maintenance to highly trafficked areas such as doorknobs, light switches, and buttons.

Our partner product It's Kleen isn't just good for regularly sanitizing your home. It also works on many types of stains, odors, and other unpleasant dirt. Using different dilution ratios for hard to clean areas, you'll find the results you get with It's Kleen are hard to compare with the results you'd have using any other ordinary household cleaner.

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21 more Clemson football players positive for COVID-19 in latest testing.

Of 28 positive coronavirus tests conducted on Clemson student-athletes and staff since their return to campus two weeks ago, 23 belong to football players, a source said Friday.

The school announced its total number of 315 tests and 28 positives in a statement Friday following a second round of tests but did not break the number down by sport. The source at the school said that at this week's latest round of tests, 21 football players tested positive, as did two members of the football staff, which is not limited to coaches.

Last week, the school said two other football players, as well as a men's basketball player, tested positive during the school's initial run of 169 tests.

The state of South Carolina on Friday reported its highest number of total positive tests -- 1,081 people -- and highest percentage of positive tests to date. The rate of positive tests at Clemson this month is nearly double the national average.

The initial 169 tests were done upon the return to campus for student-athletes and staff from football and basketball. This week's round of tests included more athletes as soccer and volleyball players returned to campus, along with secondary testing based on those who showed symptoms and people with whom they'd been in contact.

According to the school, the majority of those testing positive were asymptomatic, and no one has thus far required hospitalization.

Each member of the program who tested positive was notified by the school and will be isolated for at least 10 days. Anyone in contact with them will be self-quarantined for at least 14 days, in concurrence with Clemson's guidelines.

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The products we use are non-hazardous & 100% safe to use, including on food preperation surfaces. Our fast, efficient, and effective service minimizes the impact on your daily operations.

COVID-19 spreads fast, with only a minimal amount of contact required. Because of this it is important to keep up with proper sanitizing and disinfecting around your home and on any personal items that may come in contact with the public.

Your everyday bottle of disinfectant spray under your kitchen sink isn't going to cut it for a job of this degree. That's where we come into play. Our professional team wears protective gear to protect themselves from viruses, germs or bacteria while eradicating any contaminated area while fogging your home or business on the property.

Our solution is safe for your Family and Pets, putting you back in your home within Two Hours without any concern.

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