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As you may be well aware, one of the most important things is to keep your immune system healthy. A key to this is not just the food and supplementation, but as well the water and air that you drink and breathe.


As many of you may know, I use the Triad Air Version 3 whole-home air purification system in my personal residence and highly recommend it for yours as well.

Over 30 years on the market, the four technologies utilized in this machine are proven not only to pull particulate matter out of the breathable air and break down cooking pet and smoke odors, which is what they are famous for, they are also highly effective at oxidizing and breaking down Viruses, Germs and Bacteria, therefore reducing cross-contamination in your home or office.

Keep in mind this is a filterless system that requires minimal maintenance and is an investment for your home. Improve the air quality for your family The Triad can also be used in offices, restaurants, any business environment.

Through my partnership with the Home Office, I am able to offer you a $300 DISCOUNT exclusively for my subscriber base when you mention discount code ODORBACTERIAKILLER 



email: info@odorbacteriabacteriakiller.com


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Mini Triad Air Purifier

We also have the Triad Mini Aer Room Model which will filter 250 square feet of air, enough for a small room.

Regular Price is $149.00   

 For Our Special,  Call Tom Ferrante at 561-671-8188!

We now also offer other great cleaning and sanitization products and services!


Ductwork Sanitation allows for continuous clean airflow throughout the area while creating a protective barrier inside the building.

Opening the main intake area where your filter is, while the blowers are on, we will administer a fine mist of our sanitizing solution into your Ductwork. By doing this, the entire system is sanitized of all viruses, bacteria, germs, and odors. Then we shoot our solution via fogging into the rest of the vent system in your home.


Our products partnered with It's Kleen cleaning solution will help keep you and your home healthy.


We now offer three different services for this type of sanitation.


  •  Basic Sanitation and Cleaning with our partner product; It's Kleen- Which is a cleaning solution that will help you maintain your home after we administer our sanitation fogging services.

  •  Cleaning and Deep Sanitation with our guaranteed 30 days extended barrier protection product (We have found the 30-day product to last 3-5 weeks in high traffic environments such as restaurants).

  • Cleaning and Deep Sanitation with our guaranteed 90 days extended barrier protection product.

​(All of our sanitation services should be adequately maintained after sanitation

with our partner product It's Kleen.)

For more information on these services head to the contact page.
We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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